Quotes organizational structure

  • A company without organizational chart is like a house without fundament.
  • A changing environment requires periodic restructuring. 
  • There is logical sequence in appropriate organizational forms when companies grow. It is like a growing child that needs new clothes.
  • Big enterprises need big leaders. They also need a solid structure.
  • Chandler said ‘structure follows strategy. He never said that structure is not necessary before and after strategy. Structure follows structure too.
  • Autonomy, mastery and the higher purpose lead to great innovations. Structure and uniformity makes the innovation scalable.
  • Leadership is the use of influence that leads to change for the intended organizational outcome (s).
  • Leadership is the human influence in changes that makes possible what previously seemed impossible.
  • A complex and dynamic environment asks for a flexible structure.
  • If hierarchical pyramids stand in the way of autonomy and mastery, then concentric forms are a logical solution.
  • It is matter of time until the network structure appears to be the superior one.
  • In the 21th century hierarchical organizational structures have two options: merge with circles or being replaced by circles.
  • The world becomes a large network structure. The resistance comes from hierarchies.
Structure as a gear.

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