The organization chart is the fundamental basis for structuring within an organization. If the mission, vision and goals of an organization change, a radical change of the organizational structure and culture is often necessary. From the bottom up too, changes can suddenly occur that affect these organizational aspects. Changes that you had not taken into account. Daldeejen Structuur is happy to assist you with these kinds of issues.

Daldeejen Structuur helps your organization to permanently translate these changes into a new organizational structure and culture. Your organization learns to work according to (innovative) standards, remains flexible and can adapt better to a changing environment. We work according to the mission:

“We are there to create better lives by organizational structure”

Daldeejen Structuur is an expert in issues of centralization and decentralization and helping people by reducing hierarchical structures. Daldeejen Structure helps you as a catalyst to a more decentralized organization.

Different organizational charts. Hierarchical and concentric organizational charts (organic heterarchies.