Book Mintzberg (1979) – The structuring of organizations

In the past period I have bought several books and articles about organizational structures and more specifically about the role of the organizational chart as the fundamental basis for a solid organizational structure.

The book ‘The structuring of organizations’ by Mintzberg (1979) stands out in all its facets. In this book Mintzberg gives a very complete overview of all available literature on organizational structures. From this literature he describes five configurations for organizational structures.

  • Simple structure
  • Machine bureaucracy
  • Professional bureaucracy
  • Divisionalized form
  • Adhocracy

These five configurations are further elaborated in the table below.

Mintzberg (1979) – The structuring of organizations (page 301).

I admit that the 512 pages from the ‘Structuring of organizations’ are not easy to read. This complexity may be one of the reasons why this book has never become as popular as other Mintzberg books. Nevertheless, I can strongly recommend this book, because the book in 2019 is still up to date. Many of the problems described within organizational structures are still present today. My conclusion is that we are worse off today than in 1979.

The configurations described by Mintzberg are an excellent basis for building on. In the coming period, Daldeejen Structuur will deepen further in recent literature on organizational structures and more specifically on the organization chart.

Mintzberg 1979 – The structuring of organizations

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