Book Janssen (2016) – Beyond the Rake

And again an interesting book about organizational structures, this time from the European perspective. This book could be seen as a sequel to the bestseller by Michel Albert, Capitalism Contre Capitalism (1991). In the book by Harold Janssen, Beyond the Rake (2016), it is extensively described that two forms of capitalism can be placed opposite to each other, namely the Anglo-Saxon and Rhineland model.

The Anglo-Saxon model is very similar to hierarchical organizational structures, such as machine- and professional bureaucracies and divisional structures, with an important role for management. The Rhineland model has a decentralized decision-making process and is based on circular organizations and network structures.

The book explores the benefits of decentralized organizational structures in relation to the classic ‘rake structures’. However, what the book does not answer is how to transform a hierarchical organizational structure into a decentralized organizational structure. This makes the book very suitable for new organizations to be set up, but less for existing hierarchically organized organizations.

In the coming period, Daldeejen Structuur will focus on the above-mentioned issue, namely how Anglo-Saxon and Rhineland organizational structures can be linked. Great opportunities arise when we use hybrid organizational structures that connect both worlds. On the one hand this has the advantage that the transformation between organizational structures can take place in different small steps and on the other hand that different parts of an organization can be organized differently. For example, a hierarchical management structure with a decentralized organized workplace can be considered.

If you have ideas or experiences about the use of hybrid organizational structures, you can post comments below.

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