Book Endenburg (2002) – Sociocracy – Organizing the decision making process

And once again read a very interesting book about structuring organizations. The book ‘Sociocracy; Organizing the decision-making process’ is about equivalence when making decisions. The sociocratic circle organization method is based on the hierarchy present within an organization, which are connected to each other by means of doubly linked circles.

By applying sociocracy a new organizational structure is created which still assumes hierarchical relationships with an existing vertical decision-making process. Within the different hierarchical layers, however, there is a circular decision-making process based on the consent principle. At the same time, a double link between the circles of different hierarchical layers is assumed. This double link consists of the functional manager and an elected delegate or representative. The election of these persons takes place on the basis of consent, after an open discussion.

The sociocratic circle organization method was devised in 1970 by Prof. dr. Dr. Ing. Gerard Endenburg and successfully deployed within his company within electrical engineering. Since 1978, the method has been further developed by the Sociocratic Center. For more information, see

Endenburg (2002) – Sociocracy; Organizing the decision making process

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