About Daldeejen

Daldeejen is a Dutch consultancy by Michel Boerrigter, MBA
Specialised in Podiatry and the Foot-care sector

Michel Boerrigter

Daldeejen was founded in 2017 by Michel Boerrigter, MBA. Michel, originally a podiatrist himself, has gained extensive experience within the Dutch podiatry and foot-care sector. The first ten years of his career he worked at an enterprising podiatry practice. Here he was responsible for setting up the structure and all processes to enable growth of the practice. Under his leadership, a custom-made client administration system was developed and implemented, as well as many other innovative solutions. After this period he worked for six years as a board member for the professional association of podiatrists. During this period, the entire internal organisation has been restructured and professionalised.

Michel’s strength lies in seeing through the patterns within an organization. In complex problems, he is able to arrive at logical solutions that are explainable and always practically workable.

Daldeejen’s Vision

Podiatry and foot-care is a specific branch of care within the Dutch healthcare system. On the one hand innovative and enterprising, on the other hand with a clear care task towards people with foot and shoe problems. Only with in-depth substantive knowledge of the sector and the profession will the involvement of a consultancy have the desired effect. Daldeejen provides this independent advice and will help you to arrive at solutions that are explainable and practically workable for your practice.

“Better foot-care by practical solutions”

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